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WiFi Security Problems

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Rather than wait until you suspect that you have a security issue, it is far better to prevent a problem in the first place. Home computer users and businesses that lack security are putting themselves at risk of many serious problems including (but not limited to):

• Identity theft and all the problems that causes

• Corruption of important files and data, installing viruses etc.

• Other people reading your private deatils and information

• Stealing of credit card numbers, bank account details & secure information

• Large bills for the download of huge amounts of data by other people

• Being reported for the download of illegal or copyrighted materials

• Having your computer used as part of a network to attack others

• Handing control of your computer to those with unwelcome agendas

It is simply safer, more secure and less hassle to call in PC Help at Home to lock your WiFi network to only those people you choose to give the password too.

If you are unsure or don’t know how to check then call PC Help at Home who will be happy to come to your home or place of work and examine your computer, network and security settings for you.

We can set up your current system to its best level of security very quickly, but for a higher level of protection and peace of mind, we offer dedicated quality PC Security and anti-virus software.

Remember our NO FIX NO FEE guarantee also applies to business customers too.

Have you been hacked?

Is anyone connected to your Network using your Internet connection without permission?

1) Examine your network and look for devices or users you don’t recognize.2) Find suspect devices? You may well be sharing your WiFi or internet.

3) If you do see unfamiliar devices get them checked for peace of mind.

Once someone has gained access to your wifi network they could be hacking into your computer itself.

Our highly qualified and professional team are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. We promise to offer a fast, efficient service. We fix Desktop PC’s, we repair laptops, and we troubleshoot computers, networks and security systems.

Whatever your WiFi or LAN network security issue PC Help at Home can help you fix it.

With low levels of internet security, neighbours or anyone nearby can access your network, look at your files and change or even delete them.
As well as stealing your data, piggybacking your network can cause your broadband to slow right down or to stop altogether; you might be offering offer the local community a free WiFi hotspot, the sort of news that travels fast!

Some people we have spoken to have received a disconnection letter from their internet service providers (ISP) for suspicious activity and exceeding bandwidth limits. Your ISP is duty bound to report misuse to FACT (the Federation Against Copyright Theft) if they have any reason to suspect misuse and unfortunately, being unaware is no defence!

PC Help at Home provide friendly, speedy and reliable WiFi and LAN network support to home users and businesses. PC Help at home specialise in on site fault diagnosis, repair services and security implementation at your home, place of work or business throughout North Surrey & South West London. We offer on-site computer hardware repair and network security services to PC & Apple Mac users with desktops and laptops.
We operate from our base in Walton on Thames and serve business computer users in Addlestone, Brooklands, Camberley, Chertsey, Chessington, Chobham, Cobham, East Molesey, Epsom, Esher, Feltham, Guildford, Hampton, Hersham, Lightwater, New Malden, Richmond, Sheerwater, Shepperton, Staines, Sunbury, Surbiton, Tadworth, Teddington, Thames Ditton, Thorpe, Tolworth, Twickenham, West Byfleet, West Molesey, Weybridge, Woking, Worcester Park, Worplesdon and many locations nearby.

For complete peace of mind and to secure your computer, internet connection and wifi network from attack, call PC Help at Home now on 01932 267085