No Fix, No Fee, Mac and PC Laptop Repairs

We at Tech Shed pride ourselves on our first class, friendly, no fix no fee service. We offer repairs to all the popular makes of windows and Mac laptops like Asus, Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba.

Not everyone is a computer expert, as a laptop user you just want to turn your device it on, use it and turn it off again. We realise laptop problems occur, often out of the blue or after an update. We are not “jacks of all trades” we just deal in repairing laptops, computers, mobile devices and phones.

When your laptop goes wrong then you may be tempted to look up laptop repair information online and try to work through the problem yourself but this can cause further issues pushing up the price of repair.

We offer a No Fix, No Fee guarantee, if we cannot get your laptop working you pay nothing, we even visit your premises. If you are worried that your laptop has a problem then give us a ring, we can talk you through your problem and visit to help put things right.

Laptop repair services we offer;

  • PC, laptop, computer check up and diagnosis
  • Troubleshoot Laptop computer problems and fix
  • New laptop setup, wifi setup and install
  • Laptop hardware problems diagnosed & fixed
  • Laptop broken screen quick replacement
  • Laptop hard drive problem solving and fix
  • Laptop broken casing problems fixed
  • Slow Laptop problems resolved and fixed
  • Laptop battery problems identified & fixed
  • Laptop charging problems identified & fixed
  • Laptop display problems and troubleshooting
  • Laptop liquid spill: repair where possible
  • Damaged Laptop keyboards replaced quickly
  • Laptop not cooling, overheating, shuting down
  • Laptop won’t boot and drive not found
  • Laptop won’t connect to the WiFi or Internet
  • If your old Laptop needs replacing, we can advise

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