If you’re a user of the World Wide Web and I suspect you are given you’re reading this you can be assured of one thing whilst browsing the internet. One day – sooner or later – your iPad, laptop or mobile will go wrong. What you need to do is plan for this probability and make sure that when it does happen it affects you as little as possible.

Keep your iPad organised

Organisation is the key. How many of us just merrily bumble through life with no regard to our technology letting us down. It will be just when you think you’re safe. You download something that on the face of it seems like a good idea. A new game, a film or some voice recognition to text software. You slowly meander through the stages of download as carefully as possible. No, I don’t want a new toolbar, no, I don’t want some “free” anti-virus software, no, I don’t want a new Thai bride (it’s amazing what add ons you get these days). But it’s all to no avail as once the new download is on your system a quick check of the programs list confirms that there are still five new things you didn’t ask for or want.

The perils of internet downloading

Well, it happened to me again a few weeks ago. What made it worse was when I opened my new software to use for the first time and set it up it froze, then worse still it stayed frozen. After a hopeful five minutes I opted for a quick re-boot and then Windows wouldn’t load properly. I tried a system restore – back to the previous day and before I introduced my new problem – but a corrupted file wouldn’t allow me to do that. Now I, like most computer users, have a rudimentary knowledge of how things work. I can do the obvious things but I’m no expert. I’m able to type my problem into Google and find a solution for it but what do you do when your own system won’t load so you can use Google? For me luckily I have my wife’s netbook to borrow but if you only have the one iPad or laptop then you’ll need to get your device into the repair shop.

Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring

One thing I can guarantee is that at this point after a few hours of trying to get the system up and running again and the potential for losing all your photos, programs and software arises you will start to panic – it’s not a pleasant feeling. The panic I felt was horrible. It’s a little bit like going along to that rectal examination that you knew was scheduled but instead of the Kylie Minogue lookalike nurse that you had dreamed about it turns out that a prop forward from your local Rugby club is smiling at you with a look that Jack Nicholson would be proud of plastered on his face.

If it all goes wrong what would you do?

The worry is of course that you can lose all your information. And you can but these days there is no excuse. About ten years ago I backed up thousands of sports photos I had onto disc but when trying to copy them back onto my pc a few year later found that it didn’t run properly. I’ve lost a large chunk of my collection but now it all gets backed up onto the web so it doesn’t matter if my iPad breaks down. The problems that may befall you are many and varied and a lot of the time the guys down at your local iPad repair shop will be able to retrieve your data but you cannot rely on this when with a little common sense this worry can be avoided.

Back up those files regularly

It’s an obvious thing to say but do you regularly back up your files? A lot can be re installed but those family photos need to be stored somewhere. For me I always copy my pictures onto the Google photos section of my e mail account which now allows a lot of storage space on the net. Life events worth keeping like holidays, new babies, day visits to the seaside all get their own Facebook album even if you adjust the setting so that only family or close friends can view them. Some are just stored using Facebook’s servers with no one having access but me. There are many different methods of storing your photos and I’d urge anyone with precious memories to take an hour out of your day once every now and again to preserve those photos just in case of problems. Anyway that’s what my wife Bang Soo Betti and I do – ok I lied about not wanting a new Thai bride!