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The iPhone 8 is almost here, with many rumours as to what it will be like and what features and functions it will have one thing we do know is whatever the wonderful tech Apple puts in your hands there will be a need to have it repaired. So here are the top 10 repairs we have seen with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

No matter what iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus you have: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB there are many common parts that these devices share and we see the need to repair on a regular basis. If you have one of the issues below then call us or check out our iPhone 7 repair prices here:

Here’s our top five fault run down.

1) iPhone 7 Broken Screen
That fantastic screen, so shiny and with some great colour reproduction, traditionally Apple has used “Sapphire Glass” but tests by “JerryRigEverything” show that the glass is no longer as hard as it used to be meaning it scratches and breaks a little more readily than it used to. We’ve seen some increase in iPhone 7 screen repairs vs other models but nothing that would indicate this was a major weakness. We always suggest a toughened glass screen protector and durable case to protect your precious mobile phone. One aspect that you may not be aware of is the 3D touch could have stopped working, you may not be aware if you haven’t used the feature for a while, so we’d suggest the following if you test your 3D touch and find it not working

  1. Clean your touchscreen with a lint free cloth and remove all smudges
    and fingermarks and wash your hands.
  2. Remove any old screen protector and test before applying a new one.
  3. Go into your settings then look for General> Accessibility > 3D Touch and
    ensure the function is still switched on.

If 3D touch is not working after this then bring it to us and we’ll do some diagnostic tests to make sure it’s not something else preventing 3D touch from working, otherwise it may require a new screen.

2) iPhone 7 Lightning Connector Issues
Now that Apple has done away with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 it means the lightning port is getting more usage as owners plug their headphones into it using an adaptor. Not all adaptors are as well manufactured and these tight tolerances required can soo mean that the lightning port breaks and stops connecting the headphones or worse still charging the iPhone 7. This is a repair that takes skill and precision to complete as we have to remove the screen without breaking it and as we said in the number one iPhone repair, screens are now less robust than previously.

3) iPhone 7 Camera Problems
The iPhone camera is a masterpiece of technology, packing many features into such a small space and producing phenomenal photos and 4K videos it really packs a punch, however it is also prone to scratching and breakage as it is not flush with the phone body. As it sits proud, even by only a few millimetres means it is more likely to take the force of a drop, or come into contact with a surface. Replacing the camera requires a steady hand and some specialist tools and reassembly has to be done precisely to ensure it is aligned and working within very tight tolerances.

4) iPhone 7 Battery Draining
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both had battery improvements over the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the iPhone 7 has a Lithium-Iron 1960 mAh battery (7.45 Wh) and the iPhone 7 plus has a Lithium-Iron 2900 mAh battery (11.1 Wh) which gives amazing performance and long lasting talk time and all day durability. However batteries do lose power over their lifetime and heavy charge/dis-charge cycles can cause problems. With the iPhone 7 now having seen a year of usage we are seeing more battery problems being reported by heavy users and as your phone may be out of warranty we’d suggest you make sure you monitor your battery life. Replacing the battery is not a user serviceable item but we can usually repair these same day.

5) iPhone 7 Microphone Issues
Some iPhone 7 users have reported microphone issues either cutting out in the middle of a call or whilst on speakerphone. The result is no sound being heard on the other end of the call or digital noise, “squawks” or “garbled sounds”. The problem is intermittent and hanging up the call or rebooting the phone may resolve the issue temporarily but the problem also manifests as low call volume too so if people regularly say “Can you speak up” or “I can’t hear you, you may have this problem. We would still suggest a reset, if this doesn’t work then back up your phone and then do a factory reset and restore your phone. If this doesn’t resolve the problem then unfortunately it may be a hardware issue that might require investigation, bring into Tech Shed and we’ll take a look.

So that’s our top five fault run down but if you have any kind of iPhone 7 problem then before you ditch it and just go for a costly upgrade why not come in, have us look aty your iPhone 7 and try to repair it? The 7 is still a great phone which could be handed to another family member with an older phone?

Of course, drops, water damage and even pets chewing the device are all mishaps we have seen befall iPhones so whatever the issues come and have a chat and we’ll diagnose and fix your iPhone 7 problem.

We look forward to helping you prolong the life of your Apple handsets and don’t forget to check out our iPhone 7 repair prices