Tech Shed offer iPhone 4 Repair in Walton on Thames, from our shop at Walton on Thames Train Station.
There’s no doubt about it the iPhone 4 is a huge success. Apple’s products always seem to hit the mark. The iPhone technology definitely lives up to the hype and leads the sector, however like all smart phones the tech is susceptible to damage if mishandled or dropped and definitely does not like water or liquid of any kind!

Smart phones like the iPhone 4 tend to get used a lot and succumb to damage more readily; iPhone 4 broken screens are very common, from cracked and smashed glass to simply not responding to pressure or finger taps.

Due to regular use, the iPhone is more vulnerable also to water and fluid ingress, we quite often see coffee and tea spill damage where the drink has been knocked over on a surface and the puddle has engulfed the iPhone as well as the embarrassing “toilet drop”, we’ll leave that one to your imagination…

These are just some of the common iPhone 4 damage issues we have seen and fixed with our customers iPhone 4s both here in our shop in Walton and in the area we service around NE Surrey & SW London.

We repair and service the iPhone (3, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5!) and iPad (1 & 2) and replace damaged parts and install new batteries. We are proficient in diagnosing and sorting all potential problems your iPhone 4 may be suffering from.

iPhone screen repair and replacement
Damage to your iPhone can occur suddenly and put the iPhone out of action, we realize this is your information hub, the centre of your digital world and we can respond quickly to put your iPhone back in action as we hold spares and can fix most problems within 24 hrs (depending on damage, stock levels and “repairability”)

iPhone 4 battery replacement
One small shortcoming with the iPhone is battery replacement is not a simple task. Most smartphones have a small compartment or cover that can easily be popped off to access the battery. Not so with the iPhone; due to the sleek design it has no battery cover, Apple have sacrificed function to style! But as the iPhone technology is quite robust and if you are not a heavy user then you shouldn’t need to replace the battery very often.

When you do need your iPhone battery replaced our technicians are the people to trust and we replace iPhone 4 batteries every day all done at very reasonable rates.

When compared to Apple our service is extremely competitive and our customer service is second to none. We also provide a guarantee on our work and assurance that no one else in Walton on Thames or surrounding area can better our service.

The pain and agony of a broken iPhone is understandable and the need for a quick and convenient solution is paramount Tech Shed can offer you that peace of mind and a quick and convenient way to deal with broken iPhone 4 issues.

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Our technicians are now waiting for iPhone 5 so that we can use our skills to deal with the new challenges of this addition to the Apple iPhone range.