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iPad Repair Figures Indicate Attractive but Fragile Machine

We live today in a world which has become massively interconnected via digital means. With 4g technology set to become increasingly popular and utilized in the coming years, the capabilities of Internet on the go means that more and more people are purchasing mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the Internet.

This has been reflected in the fact that the tablet computer is now said to be the fastest growing form of technology in all of human history. This convenient form of technology has been massively successful, but by far the most popular tablet computer thus far, particularly in the Western world, has been Apple’s iPad.

The iPad has, frankly, sold like hot cakes since it was released in 2010. In that four year period, Apple has shifted over 170 million iPads, making the iPad by far the world’s most popular tablet computer. Although Samsung’s Galaxy series provides some stern opposition to Apple, the iPad remains the genre-defining tablet, and the one most likely to be owned by Westerners in particular.

There is no doubt that the iPad is a wonderful looking device, and that is functions extremely well. A device doesn’t get to become the most popular in the fastest growing tech strata in history without being a pretty slick piece of equipment. But if there is one bugbear of the Apple iPad series, it is a rather unfortunate one. The iPad breaks pretty easily, and many iPad owners have had to get their tablet repaired at some point.

While many iPad owners undoubtedly have their own anecdotal evidence regarding this matter, the cold, hard statistics also bear witness to it. Each iteration of the iPad has been vulnerable to failure, and unfortunately this tendency hasn’t improved as the tablet itself has developed technologically. In fact, the situation is far worse than that.

When the iPad 2 was released, one hoped that Apple would improve upon the failure rate of the first tablet. The original iPad caused a fair bit of consternation, as the iPad proved to be as fragile to drops and other accidents due to its glass overlay. This lead to legions of Apple fans having to send their iPad to be repaired once it was out of warranty. But this was surely teething trouble, and something that would be rectified with the release of the second generation iPad. Right?

In actual fact, owners of the iPad 2 filed three-and-a-half times more claims for accidental damage than did first-generation iPad owners during their first year of ownership. This figure clearly indicates that the iPad tablet, while a wonderful device, while deservedly the number one tablet in the world, is nevertheless a fragile one.

Of course, Apple doesn’t want to live in a world in which its flagship devices break down and need to be repaired. Thus, it appears to be addressing this issue ahead of the release of its latest smartphone the iPhone 6. Reports have already emanated that Apple has bought up inordinate quantities of sapphire glass which it apparently intends to use in the smartphone. This would seem to be a precursor to Apple utilising sapphire glass in a future iPad release.

For those of us that currently own an iPad, though, our devices remain beautiful but a little fragile. Thus, it’s a good job that the experts at PC Help at Home exist for all your iPad repairs