How to Check WiFi Router Broadband Problems

If you are looking for a WiFi router repair near me or a wifi router repair shop because your Skybox or BT router has stopped working, then try these very simple ways to test and fix your WiFi router Internet connection.

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We are often asked how to check customer’s Internet connection and identify where the problem is. Here ios a handy guide to check for the main things that can cause a problem and identify who to call to fix the issue. This process will help fix 99% of the problems you face, however if you get stuck our number is at the end, remember we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

1. Check your landline phone is working.
Make sure your phone is plugged into the same socket that your broadband uses when it comes into your property.
Is there a dial tone? Try to make a call, phone your mobile.
If the line is dead or not calling out, then you need to call your Internet Service Provider. Use your mobile!

2. Turn your router off and on again. This is perhaps the simplest fix of them all but it can solve lots of problems.
Switch your router off.
Wait for 30 seconds.
Switch your router on.
Wait for all the lights to come on green. If all lights are on green but you still cannot connect, switch your computer or device off and on again, that should solve 99% of your Internet connection problems.
Be patient, it can take 3-4 minutes before everything comes back online again, and sometimes your ISP may take longer to reconnect your router.

3. Check for any wider problems in your area
Your local telephone network may be having a problem.
So visit:
this is the Openreach local network status checker.
Enter your home postcode and click to check.
If any issues have been reported in your area you’ll find details about the problem and when it will be fixed.

4. Is the Power on?
This may sound silly, but have you got electricity to the socket?
Are there lights on the Router?
If not then the socket may be dead, or the cable to the router or the “power brick” may be dead.
Do not mess about with electricity, if in doubt call a qualified electrician.

5. Specific website not connecting.
If you are trying to get to a specific website and you cannot reach it then try this website: You can then test any website address and see if others are having issues reaching it.


You might also want to switch off your phone’s WiFi and see if the internet is working on just your data plan. If you can connect via cell data and not WiFi but all the lights are on and you have rebooted the router and checked your local phone network is not having an issue then it is time to give your Internet Service Provider a call.

Once you have taken all these steps you should be up and running again.

However, if your ISP says that all is OK from their end then it could be a router, network or computer issue that our trained IT, WiFi and Router support specialists can fix. We have a no fix, no fee policy so in the rare event that we cannot fix the problem, you don’t pay! So, keep this page bookmarked, run through these items each time and if you have lots of problems and your ISP seems unable to help you, call us. We’ll come and identify the problem with your router, network or WiFi.

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