Have you ever considered the cost of taking your computer in for repair? Not just the monetary cost either.

Home computer repair and service
Think of the time and effort and worry of taking your computer equipment to a PC repair centre. Consider the hassle of taking apart everything, unhooking all of those pesky wires and then having to lug everything to your car. And not to mention the risk of damaging it with a jolt or knock on your way to, or whilst you are driving your car.

When we come out to your home or business, everything is left exactly the way you have it. The only change we make is that we’ll fix your computer, leaving it it as close to as new as we possibly can. You won’t have to worry about your equipment being damaged, misplaced or kept longer than you’d like. Not only do we come to your home, but we also offer computer repairs at your place of work.

Computer repairs in your home
Imagine if your computer fault is minor, still allowing you to still use it? Now if you have to take it somewhere to be fixed then you’re without that piece of equipment even when you could still be using it. You won’t have that problem with our computer and laptop repairs. So the next time you need something fixed, think of us first so that you save time, money and the hassle of moving your entire workspace

Computer repairs Surrey and Computer repair Middlesex
When you need computer repairs, Surrey, we’re the place to go because it means you don’t have to. We come to you and fix your PC in your home. Same goes for laptop repair, Guildford and surrounding areas have a computer repair technicians ready to fix your PC.

Whether you need a laptop, PC, iPhone, iPad, tablet or notebook repair, let us take care of you.

Call PC Help at Home now to service or repair your computer in your home or place of work. 01932 267085