When travelling out and about around Walton on Thames and beyond fixing computers and laptops we regularly find that had a user taken some basic precautions then they would have not had to call us, so here are a few more helpful tips and hints on how to prolong your computer’s life; that will help prolong your computer’s useful life and save you time and money.

Tip #1 – If you are using your computer for several hours at a time, all day in the case of a business user, always make sure your computer is well equipped with coolers and exhaust fans. Make sure they work and that the cooling vents are not being blocked by dust, debris and other nearby objects. Laptops vents can easily become blocked by clothing or soft furnishings, so ensure the laptop has plenty of air circulating through it.
We would recommend you install a CPU temperature monitor which will show you if there is a problem; www.techpowerup.com CPUs natural enemy is heat and the hotter a CPU gets the less efficient it is, slowing down and eventually becoming irrevocably damaged. Keeping the CPU cool will prolong its life and keep it working at an optimial speed.

Tip #2 – As we have already mentioned; always keeps your computers and keyboards clean from dust and other dirt, which may cause it to perform slower and will over time cause it to increase the working temperature. Computers have exhaust vents that help keep the temperature of the computer in the optimal operating range. We have seen these vents get blocked by thick dust, especially when in a work environment like a garage, site office or yard. Blocked vents cause your computer’s temperature to rise and will cause your computer to run slower and slower, it may also cause data corruption and can in a worse case scenario be terminally fatal to your CPU and Motherboard. If these components become trashed then it’s usually cheaper to buy a whole new computer. One trick we can offer is to use a 1 inch paint brush to keep the dust out of your keyboard or but a can of Air – which is clean, dry air in a can that you can direct and help to blow dust gently off of exposed areas – NEVER USE IT TO BLOW DUST IN/OUT OF AIR VENTS. This might blow dust deeper into your computer, use a vacuum cleaner instead and use that very carefully near any air vents.

Tip #3 – Always installs a good anti-virus suite of software to keep the viruses and malware from destroying your security and the data on your computer. Some viruses and malware are capable of allowing others access to your computer, stealing sensitive information including your banking information. Most simply disrupt your usage and will eventually cause bigger problems in the future. Some problems will lead to hardware failure and, let’s face it, that will always cost more than simple computer clean up. We recommend Bullguard Software we use and recommend it as it is the best we have used for flexibility, ease of use and speed of being updated (very important).

So, there you go, these are just three simple and hopefully useful tips that will prolong your computer life and keep it efficient. For more computer repair tips and services, contact PC Help at Home offering virus removal and computer repairs in Walton-on-Thames and beyond

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