We were recently in Hampton (near the Palace!) and our customer was asking us for a few tips to minimize her computer problems. So here is our top ten of helpful advice on how to keep your machine running, obviously we will come and repair computer problems in Hampton or anywhere nearby but you can minimise our visits by doing the following;

1. Wait for the Hard disk to completely stop turning before you switch of power.
2. Use an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), sudden interruptions in power cause damage to hard disk.
3. Keep back up and archives so that in case the hard disk crashes you can restore the data.
4. Use a good anti-virus. The most common cause for computers stopping working are viruses.
5. Periodically update (fortnightly) your anti-virus to keep in sync with virus development.
6. Never remove peripheral devices (Printers, USB, external drives etc) while they are active. Always eject them properly.
7. Keep some disk space free (recommended 500 mb, bare minimum 300 mb). Without operating space your computer could start acting up.
8. Don’t load innumerable programs on booting. Keep it to a bare minimum and use programs as and when needed.
9. Install firewall, which prevents hacking and malicious software attacks.
10. Used licensed software only. Unlicensed versions are susceptible to viruses and corrupting your data.
11. Keep your computer in a clean and temperature controlled environment. Dust and heat kill computers.
12. Get an annual maintenance for repairs and don’t fiddle with the hardware yourself. Leave computer repairs to qualified repair technicians (like us!) as a slight problem can be multiplied by any home repair. That is why you have the sign on most electrical equipment “Warranty void if opened”

Here are 3 extra tips to prevent your computer slowing with time.
1. Get an anti- spyware installed; Apart from the security implications it seriously slows up your computer.
2. Run a disk cleaner/defragger periodically you can even schedule this weekly.
3. Use a registry cleaner to ensure programmes uninstall properly.

Still having computer problems in Hampton? Give us a call. We repair and service computers, laptops and all peripherals in Hampton of course and beyond. We are your friendly Computer Repair Company servicing Hampton.