Information Technology plays a very prominent role in businesses of all sizes today. It doesn’t matter which sector you are in, large or small, there is every possibility that you use IT in some mission critical part of your business.

We have noticed more calls from smaller consultancy firms who are in need of regular IT support and advice, which is of course something we can offer them. Recently we received a call from several small businesses in and around Walton on Thames who needed us urgently. A vital part of their infrastructure had “gone down” and they needed urgent attention, in some cases same day support. It seems to go like this, we suddenly get a “hot spot” this time it was Walton on Thames.

Whilst we are happy to help businesses large and small in the majority of these urgent cases lack of early detection and regular maintenance had led to a far bigger IT repair bill. Since it’s only natural that any machinery that is in constant daily use may break down once in a while, it becomes necessary that you get the right IT Support for your business.

We try to handle any emergencies that may arise as a result of PC breakdown but we cannot guarantee same day support. Any downtime with any of your IT could lead to a noticeable and rapid decrease in productivity rate. Based on this, the best you can do for your business is to ensure that you have a standby IT support company to provide all the services you may need when it has to do with your computers.

In the case of these small local businesses in Walton on Thames we were able to get them all back up and running in a short time frame but as we said this downtime could have been eliminated in the majoprity of cases by regular back ups, software updates and hardware maintenance. Call us today for small business (and larger business) IT Support in Surrey and beyond.