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Top 5 Ways to Break an IPhone

Anyone who has owned an IPhone, or even knows someone with an IPhone will at some point have been regaled with tales of the various ways they have been broken. As we mentioned in previous articles, the IPhone is a beautiful and powerful little machine, but it is inherently very fragile. So here we will explore the top 5 ways people break IPhones – these are all issues we come across on a daily basis and have a lot of experience in repairing, so we will include a few tips on how to avoid doing the same to yours.

1. Screen Cracked/Smashed

This is by far the most common cause for breakage, unsurprising given that the IPhone has glass on both sides. 43% of IPhone breakages have been attributed to being dropped on a hard surface, and this causes the screen to fracture and crack. It can also cause the LCD screen to bleed. The easiest way to avoid this is to get a case and screen protector for your phone. You can now get matte screen protectors and super slim cases that don’t make your phone too bulky or difficult to use, so you almost don’t notice them.

2. Fallen into Liquid

This is one of those mishaps that some people are ashamed to admit, but the stats show that the phones are most often dropped into a swimming pool, lake, or most commonly, in a toilet. IPhones are notoriously difficult to hold on to, and the newest IPhone is no different. Getting yourself a case will help with your grip, but the best advice we can give is to keep your phone securely away from large areas of liquid- and if you need to read on the toilet – take a book!

3. Battery Failure

After a while, the battery in your IPhone will start to get tired, and it won’t retain charge as well. Suddenly a full charge will last just 1 day instead of 2, and you have to charge it every single night to avoid it going flat. This will get worse and worse until the battery fails completely and your phone won’t turn on. Unfortunately you can’t avoid this one or repair it yourself, it’s just an inevitability and happens with every phone. This is an easy fix – bring it to a professional IPhone repair shop (like ours) and we can replace the worn out battery with a brand new one and have you up and running again in no time.

4. Software Issues

Software issues are again something that is more difficult to avoid. Every now and then an update will come out that causes your phone to slow down, programmes not to run or even refuse to turn on. When this happens, sometimes there is an easy fix and all you have to do is Google it, but other times you need to call in the pros. It may be some software recoding needs to be done to bring your phone back to life. Give us a call and let us check it over – if we can’t fix it then we won’t charge you!

5. Unresponsive Touch Screen

An unresponsive touch screen can be caused by a number of things, from damage caused by a drop or liquid to the connections in the hardware coming loose or wearing out. This can interfere with the way you use your phone and in some cases it can stop it working at all. Again this is one to take to a professional and have the screen replaced and the phone checked over to make sure it all works perfectly.