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5 computer problems you might not even know you have

When you have a computer problem, it is not always easy to identify the cause and packing it up and taking it in to a PC repair can be costly and time consuming.

PC Home Service and Repair
That is why PC Help at Home come directly to your home or business and take care of all of your computer needs at your convenience. We even offer complete computer service and PC health checks to make sure that problems don’t occur at a later date. If you have a slow running PC or your computer crashes on you a lot, there may be common issues that you don’t even know about. Some of the more common problems are:

Computer Viruses can crash your system, cause you to lose files and create major security issues. Then are also likely to be passed on to your friends, acquaintances and work colleagues without you even being aware that it has happened

Malware is a form of a computer virus and can disrupt your daily operations and can even make your computer accessible to third parties.Adware: Adware may cause unwanted ads to automatically play without your permission. They can be annoying, disruptive and send information about your internet usage to other people or companies.

Device conflicts, software conflicts and IP address conflicts can cause your computer to crash, run slowly or cause peripherals to malfunction.

Security updates not up to date
Security updates must be run rwhen they become available to protect your computer from the latest threats. We can help ensure that your computer is up to date and safe from attack. Those are just a sample of issues that can make real problems on your computer, causing it to crash, break down or even mean you need to replace your computer. That is why it is a good idea to have your system checked out before you have problems that cause larger issues.

Computer repair Woking
PC Help at Home comes to your home or place of work to repair your PC, Laptop iphone, ipad, tablet or notebook, We offer local and surrounding areas service IT support Surrey and and offers a ‘no fix no fee’ guarantee. We can take care of the issues listed above and leave your system trouble free and working perfectly.

IT Support Surrey
If you need computer repair or computer maintenance in Surrey then we have technicians in your area who will come to your home or place of work and repair your PC with our No Fix, No Fee promise.

Get your computer serviced now with PC Help at Home to ensure your online security and health of your PC.

PC help at Home, computer repair Woking and IT support Surrey: 01932 267085