10 Reasons to Use BullGuard Anti Virus for Your Business

BullGuard have a reputation as offering the “Best Malware Protection In The World” and here we give you 10 reasons to install and run BullGuard on your machines and protect your business. BullGuard won the coveted Gold Malware Protection Award from AV-Comparatives, which is why we always recommend it for all our customers. We believe it is the best multi-layered protection possible against all types of viruses, malware, ransomware, and all online threats. Ten other reasons you want it on your computer today! 1. Protect Sensitive Data With GDPR being in force your business cannot take chances with data security. You want all financial information such as credit cards, bank accounts, and passwords, out of the hackers’ reach. BullGuard gives you the necessary data security modern businesses now required by law. 2. Anti-Spyware Spyware is one of the main ways companies lose their data. Once installed Spyware can be almost impossible to detect (almost!), it is extremely difficult to prevent and remove. BullGuard gives you protection against Spyware 3. Anti-Virus When BullGuard is running it scans for potential entry points for cyber-attacks. The software stops all potentially harmful programs from installing on your machines and computer network. It runs checks to validate applications for authentic digital signatures. Preventing unwanted installations of viruses preventing issues before they compromise your business data. BullGuard protects you from viruses, worms and trojans 4. Ransomware Protection Default Internet Security software and free anti-viruses are no good battling ransomware. If the NHS can be caught out with a Ransomware attack it shows you that no-one is immune. With BullGuard, you get Ransomware protection for all your business computers whether PC or Apple. Contrary to popular belief Apple Macs can become infected! BullGuard protects you from data encryption by malicious third parties. BullGuard ensures your data is safe and secure from data thieves. 5. Anti-Malware Malware continuously mutates, and with the development of sophisticated AI bots, it is getting smarter every day. BullGuard know this and so their security software is equipped with three layers of protection, including lockdown and neutralization of the malware threat before it can cause your business any damage. BullGuard prevents ‘bad actors’ from taking control of your software and your business. 6. Robust Firewall BullGuard adds a tough outer layer of defence to your network and devices, protecting all your business against external threats. BullGuard tracks your applications, checks for security updates and defends against malicious files. Giving you protection for computers and smart devices without draining batteries and stressing the CPU. You get protection without it slowing your machine down and frustrating you and your employees. Always on, always vigilant, BullGuard’s firewall gives you round the clock protection. 7. Multi-Layer Protection BullGuard works every minute of every day to monitor and protect your devices keeping them free from potential digital attacks. The various modules work together to give you the right protection across the board giving you peace of mind. Doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader or growing business with many employees on and off-site. Whatever size you are or plan on becoming BullGuard protects you now and grows with your business. Whatever size your business is, BullGuard will give you peace of mind as you grow. 8. Safer Internt Use The Internet offers a lot of advantages for businesses of all sizes. However it also brings with it a lot of risks, and it is changing all the time. BullGuard is there to help stop you and your employees from getting into trouble online with a range of tools to monitor online activity on every device and prevent malicious websites causing a problem for your business. With BullGuard on your network and devices, you’re protected whever you work Don’t risk your business online, use BullGuard to protect you from online threats. 9. Network Scanner When BullGuard is installed it protects your entire network to make sure it is safe and secure. Set up security profiles, vet and check various devices and ensure that only the right people are able to access certain places on your network. It scans your computer, backs up files, allows you to set up ‘Parental Control profiles’ and configure the entire Firewall to match your network security needs. With BullGuard on your network and devices, your data is protected whever you work. 10. Identify Theft Protection BullGuard Identity Protection is available UK businesses, offering a secure, simple and safe way to protect your business and pesonal fincances from identity theft. It keeps your personal data and financial details safe, no matter what devices you use to access the Internet. BullGuard’s advanced technology safeguards you monitoring the internet for your personal information night and day, preventing an issue from causing you a much bigger problem. BullGuard Identity Protection offers a web-based interface so you don’t need to install anything on your computer. If your business needs data protection or believes it has been hacked then call Tech Shed. Not only do we repair your business digitial devices we protect them too! For Business Users, Home Users or if you are a Home Business User! 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