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Computer Repair Hounslow

If you live in or near the TW3 & TW7 postcode area (covering the borough of Hounslow) and have a faulty computer, laptop or netbook then PC Help at Home will come to you from our base in Walton on Thames to diagnose and repair your faulty computer. It’s that simple.

PC Help at Home PC computer repair specialise in computer repairs in TW3 & TW7. We will fix all your computer hardware and software problems.
Our NO FIX NO FEE guarantee means that we if we cannot fix your computer problem then pay nothing, complete peace of mind.

PC Help at Home offer computer, laptop and netbook repairs in across North Surrey and South West London. If you have a broken, non-functioning or a slow running Apple Mac, PC, laptop or netbook and you live or work in Hounslow or its surroundings then call PC Help at Home and we will come to you and repair your computer at home or at work.

If your computer is playing up, phone us and one of our experienced computer technicians will visit your home, place of work or business and quickly and cost effectively repair your computer.

All repairs are backed by our NO FIX NO FEE guarantee and for even more peace of mind see Checkatrade to see exactly what our customers think of our service.

Info about the TW3 & TW7 Postcode Area;

Postcode: TW3 & TW7

District Name: Hounslow

Covering Hounslow (TW3 & TW7), Surrey

Local Borough Council: Hounslow Borough Council

Hounslow grew up around the Holy Trinity Priory which was founded in 1211 (possibly earlier) and was a stop off point for travellers heading out of London on what was to become the Great West Road.

Due to a growth in the railways during the Victorian era Hounslow suffered a loss of passing trade but this was restored with the construction of the Great West Road (now the A4) in the 1920′s.

So please do ask us about the problems you are experiencing call us: 01932 267085

The Piccadilly Line runs through Hounslow with London Underground stations at Hounslow West, Hounslow East and Hounslow Central tube stations; South West Trains provide overland train services. Hounslow sits close to Heathrow Airport.

Hounslow Heath to the west of Hounslow covers around 200 acres. The northern boundary of the present heath, Staines Road, was originally a Roman Road and the population in this area can be traced back to Norman times. Both Al Murray (comedian) and Jay Sean (R&B singer) come from the Hounslow area.

Our computer repair service covers the following TW3 and TW7 postcodes and council wards; Bedfont Ward, Brentford Ward, Chiswick Homefields Ward, Chiswick Riverside Ward, Cranford Ward, Feltham North Ward, Feltham West Ward, Hanworth Park Ward, Hanworth Ward, Heston Central Ward, Heston East Ward, Heston West Ward, Hounslow Central Ward, Hounslow Heath Ward, Hounslow South Ward, Hounslow West Ward, Isleworth Ward, Osterley and Spring Grove Ward, Syon Ward, Turnham Green Ward

We operate from our base in Walton on Thames and serve business computer users in Addlestone, Brooklands, Camberley, Chertsey, Chessington, Chobham, Cobham, East Molesey, Epsom, Esher, Feltham, Guildford, Hampton, Hersham, Lightwater, New Malden, Richmond, Sheerwater, Shepperton, Staines, Sunbury, Surbiton, Tadworth, Teddington, Thames Ditton, Thorpe, Tolworth, Twickenham, West Byfleet, West Molesey, Weybridge, Woking, Worcester Park, Worplesdon and many locations nearby.

If you have any questions about computer repair in the TW3 and TW7 postcode areas of Richmond, Hampton, Twickenham please call us on 01932 267085.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the postcodes we cover in the TW3 and TW7 area postcodes.

Hounslow Postcodes
TW3 2DL, TW3 2DP, TW3 2DR, TW3 2DS, TW3 2DT, TW3 2DU, TW3 2DW, TW3 2DX, TW3 2DY, TW3 2DZ, TW3 2EA, TW3 2EG, TW3 2EH, TW3 2EJ, TW3 2EL, TW3 2EN, TW3 2EP, TW3 2ES, TW3 2ET, TW3 2EU, TW3 2EW, TW3 2EX, TW3 2EY, TW3 2EZ, TW3 2HA, TW3 2HB, TW3 2HD, TW3 2HE, TW3 2HF, TW3 2HG, TW3 2HH, TW3 2HJ, TW3 2HL, TW3 2HN, TW3 2HP, TW3 2HQ, TW3 2HW, TW3 2JS, TW3 2JT, TW3 2JU, TW3 2LE, TW3 2LF, TW3 2LG, TW3 2LH, TW3 2LJ, TW3 2LL, TW3 2LN, TW3 2LQ, TW3 2LY, TW3 2NA, TW3 2NP, TW3 2NR, TW3 2NS, TW3 2NT, TW3 2NU, TW3 2NW, TW3 2NX, TW3 2PA, TW3 2PB, TW3 2PD, TW3 2PE, TW3 2PF, TW3 2PJ, TW3 2PL, TW3 2PN, TW3 2PP, TW3 2PR, TW3 2PS, TW3 2PT, TW3 2PU, TW3 2PW, TW3 2PX, TW3 2PY, TW3 2PZ, TW3 2QH, TW3 2QJ, TW3 2QL, TW3 2QP, TW3 2QR, TW3 2QT, TW3 2QU, TW3 2QW, TW3 2QX, TW3 2RA, TW3 2RB, TW3 2RD, TW3 2RE, TW3 2RF, TW3 2RG, TW3 2RH, TW3 2RJ, TW3 2RQ, TW7 6ED, TW7 6ER, TW7 6EX, TW7 6EY, TW7 6EZ, TW7 6GA, TW7 6HA, TW7 6HB, TW7 6HE, TW7 6HF, TW7 6HG, TW7 6HJ, TW7 6HL, TW7 6HN, TW7 6HP, TW7 6HQ, TW7 6HR, TW7 6HW, TW7 6JS, TW7 6JT, TW7 6JU, TW7 6JX, TW7 6JY, TW7 6JZ, TW7 6LA, TW7 6LB, TW7 6LD, TW7 6LE, TW7 6LF, TW7 6LG, TW7 6LH, TW7 6LJ, TW7 6LL, TW7 6LN, TW7 6LP, TW7 6LQ, TW7 6LR, TW7 6LS, TW7 6LT, TW7 6LU, TW7 6LW, TW7 6LX, TW7 6LY, TW7 6LZ, TW7 6NB, TW7 6NE, TW7 6NP, TW7 6NR, TW7 6NS, TW7 6NT, TW7 6NU, TW7 7LA, TW7 7LU, TW7 7LX, TW7 7LY, TW7 7LZ, TW7 7NA, TW7 7NB, TW7 7ND, TW7 7NE, TW7 7NF, TW7 7NG, TW7 7NH, TW7 7NP, TW7 7NQ, TW7 7NR, TW7 7NS, TW7 7NT, TW7 7NU, TW7 7NW, TW7 7NY, TW7 7PA, TW7 7PB, TW7 7PD, TW7 7PE, TW7 7PF, TW7 7PG, TW7 7PH, TW7 7PJ, TW7 7PL, TW7 7PN, TW7 7PP, TW7 7PQ, TW7 7PR, TW7 7PS, TW7 7PT, TW7 7PU, TW7 7PW

So please do ask us about the problems you are experiencing call us: 01932 267085