Apple SSD Hard Drive Upgrade

Does your Macbook, Macbook Pro, Powermac, Mac Mini, or iMac seem slow or take ages to boot up? If your Mac computer is showing signs of its age then it’s time to get an Apple SSD hard Drive upgrade. Buying a new Apple iMac computer or Mac laptop is going to cost upwards of a £1000, even an entry level Mac Mini will set you back £500 or more.

At Techshed we are dedicated to repairing, reviving and breathing new life into older tech, and we have some great opportunities for you to revive your flagging Mac. Currently we have an offer on to help speed up your ageing Apple kit, with a solid state drive or SSD. Solid state drives are very quick because unlike a conventional hard drive their are no moving parts. SSDs are like your computer’s ram, solid state chips that have NAND memory which persists even when the power is switched off, making them perfect for hard drive storage duties. Having no moving parts means there is no disk to “spin up” and nothing to wear out making them very reliable, robust and best of all FAST!

A Macbook Pro with an SSD hard drive can boot to a usable state inside a minute if configured correctly

Your Mac may take longer but the point is your old Mac computer could be rejuvenated and sped up by the addition of an SSD hard drive giving you a usable computer once more.

TechShed Apple SSD Hard drive upgrades from just £99

Final cost will depend on the size of the hard drive you prefer or require but includes

  • SSD Installed
  • Data moved
  • Mac OS re-installed
  • Update checked and tested

The upgrade price is a real “get it whilst you can” and we will still offer our No Fix No Fee guarantee, and are CheckaTrade certified. We can come to where you are quickly and get your Apple Mac updated with an SSD Hard drive and leave you amazed at its new speed.

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