Hello.  Welcome to The Tech-Shed website.  My name is Daniel and I am the founder of PC Help @ Home Limited and its subsidiary The Tech-Shed.

In 2002 I was lucky enough to turn my passion of tech curiosity into a 

Whether you have just the one phone, or a range of devices plus a high-spec data crunching gaming computer, or you are a small to mid-sized business that needs someone else to look after your IT solutions - we're here for you. We understand just how important it is to keep it all in working order, and how devastating it is when something goes horribly wrong. "I just want it to work!" is the most common problem we face. We will focus on the solving that problem fast and working with you to make sure it don't happen again.

Personal Customers

techshed is your local and independent store to get your smartphones, tablets, computers and iPods fixed and your laptops and desktops upgraded.

  • Ask for our same-day screen repairs.

  • We do Pick Up & Drop off and Home services for customers who cannot get to us, for whatever reason.

Business Customers

techshed offers its business customers a range of IT services to help keep them concentrating on their customers


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